Replenish Your Core Energy INSTANTLY

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Jing City VEGAN With Lucuma, 16 oz (in glass)

Jing City is a potent mix of Chinese ‘Jing’ herbs that feed the kidneys and adrenals while delivering a delicious chocolate flavor.

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ORIGINAL Jing City™ With Whey, 14 oz (in glass)

A non-vegan version that contains potent Chinese herbs for maximum life force regeneration and renewel.

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David Wolfe and BUA’s Immortal Machine, 3 Pack, 1.4 oz each (Single Serving)

Certified Vegan…No Added Sugar…No Soy…Non-GMO…Gluten-Free…AND Packed With Superfood Nutrition!

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David Wolfe and BUA’s Immortal Machine, 1.4 oz (Single Serving), 10 PACK

A powerful combination of pure Superfoods and herbs designed to support peak performance in, athletes, dancers, weekend warriors, and anyone seeking to intensify their positive output.

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  1. Connie

    Is there anywhere in Australia where we can buy these products? The cheapest postage is $52 if I buy it from you internationally…not really affordable.

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