Detoxification – How to make it DELICIOUS!

We’re going to do a charcoal lemonade. Normally I don’t even do this because I’m on the road. I’m moving a million miles an hour. I’ll just take a whole bunch of charcoal or dump a whole bunch of charcoal…

What did I do today? I opened this thing up right there. I took my little… I have a little thin spoon that’s like that, a little thin wooden spoon like that. I dipped that into my powdered charcoal. I go like this…BOOM…put that in there. Another scoop, put that in there. Another scoop, put that in there.

It was so right to the top, because I didn’t take a sip out first, that I had to close this thing off like this. Luckily, it closed, and then I just did that, did that, did that, and then the whole thing went black. I was lucky. I didn’t overfill.

The basis of all cosmetics is charcoal. The basis of eyeliner – charcoal. The basis for any poultice – charcoal. The basis for any bite (scorpion bite, centipede bite, bee sting, mosquito bite) – a little charcoal, a little water, and it’s done. It’s over. That’s it. And it’s instant.

So a friend of mine was like, “It’s not instant.”

I said, “Oh, really. Okay. Let’s go out and get bit by mosquitos.”

So we did that. And we really got bit. We came back into the kitchen. BOOM! On goes the charcoal. On goes the water. It was seconds. Gone.

I like zeolites. It doesn’t compare.

I like clay. It’s not even close. It’s not even near.

So dump that in there, shake that up, and then just pound that down, pound that down, pound that down. Now I’ve got the charcoal in my body, and I’m feeling good.

If you want to, you can throw the whole thing in. It’s a NutriBullet®. Throw the whole thing in there. Should we do it?

So we got that done. All right.

Since I want to get as much liquid as possible, we’ll also do the lemon juice that Colleen put together for us. So we’re going to do that.

What else do we have here? A little sea salt.

So it’s a lemonade. In my lemonade, because I live on a noni farm…BOOM…we want to get some noni juice in there. We got some of that. So we’ll go BOINK, a little noni juice in there.

You know about noni, right? Great polysaccharides. Great immunological substance. It’s the basis of all these MLM things that have to do with these drinks. It all started with noni juice. It’s a Hawaiian superfood. So we get that in there.

Charcoal. Again, I want to mention this. If you get an activated charcoal, like what you find in a health food store, that’s very good for acute problems. Or if you have a hearty digestion, you could do it every day or almost every day. But if you have sensitive digestion, back off to just charcoal. Not activated charcoal.

Did everybody catch that nuance? I said that, and I want to say it again, because I know that someone will be coming up to me six months from now saying, “You know, I did the charcoal that you said, and my stomach hurt. You know, I’m going to punch you.”

Yeah. Activated charcoal is very, very powerful and very potent. It needs to be in your cupboard just in case somebody gets poisoned or bit by a snake or something like that. You know, for an acute problem.

If you take it every day, great. But if you have sensitive digestion you may not be able to do that. That’s when you go to just charcoal.

C60 might get you into a Herxheimer reaction, where it detoxifies you so intensely that you have to lay off of it for a while. Good. Okay. Lay off it for two weeks, five weeks, three months, whatever. And then come back to it.

All right. That was… Geez, we put a bunch in there. That was eight capsules, and these are 260 mg capsules. So 8 x 260 is… Who can do the math?

I’ll put four more in. A couple thousand? Yes, 2,080 mg.

[Inaudible audience question.]

Yes. Absolutely. You poultice it. If you need something to gel it up, I mentioned an herb that I really like. What was that herb? Marshmallow.

Is that marshmallows like you buy in the store? No.

You can buy bulk marshmallow root powder like this off the Internet. If you paid $20, I’d be shocked. They’re usually like $12 for an unlimited amount. You’ll never use it in 30 years. That’s what you do. You just have resources.

What we do is we get a whole bunch of stuff from the forest. We put them in glass jars, and then we have an organized cabinet that has the whole thing in there. It’s like an apothecary, so in the winter I’ll walk in there and grab whatever I want. Hemp root. Nettles. Yep, both go into the tea. Chaga, reishi, trametes, shiitake. I’ll put that in there, and raisins from the front yard. That’s our tea. We can just pick and choose what we’re feeling right in the moment.

If you’re wondering, “Can I just do a tea bag of green tea?”

Yes, of course. Maybe that’s where you want to start. You get that skill, and then you learn that you can get a whole lot more green tea for a whole lot lower price buying in bulk.

Here’s the trick. I learned this from Solla. It’s the best ever. You want to see this? Watch this. We’re going to do it as an imaginary exercise. Here’s your big bowl right there. That’s what I have at home. This is my big pot of 16 liters, 360-T Steel from SaladMaster, 16-liter like this. What I do is I take a strainer, like a metal strainer, and I push it in the top like that and scoop out like this.

You take the metal strainer, you push it in like that so the bowl goes down, it pushes all the things away. Even in the middle of winter when the thing is boiling hot. Push it in like that, reach in there and scoop it like that. Does everybody get that trick? Understand what I’m saying there?

There it is right there. That’s the 360-T Stainless Steel. Take the lid off. Put a strainer in there, like a basket strainer. Push that down; it pushes all the herbal material that’s in there away.

Once you’re getting bulk, then there are no more tea bags and it’s harder to pour it off.

Push it all away. Take something like this and dip it right in there, and BOOM! You’ve got your whole thing of tea without any debris in it. Real nice system, very easy to use.


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