Intuitive Healing: Unlocking Your Inner Power to Heal

Intuitive Healing: Unlocking Your Inner Power to Heal

Check out this exclusive interview with five-time New York Times best selling author, internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and featured speaker the upcoming Women’s Wellness Conference™, Caroline Myss, and discover:

  • Intimate connections between your emotional well-being and physical health.
  • The negative emotional states to avoid that keep your body locked in a state of ill-health and disease.
  • Why adopting the right mental attitude is the first step in healing your physical body.

Transcript of “Intuitive Healing: Unlocking Your Inner Power to Heal”

David “Avocado” Wolfe (DW): Greetings everyone, this is David “Avocado” Wolfe and we are gearing up for our Women’s Wellness Conference™ Friday, October 9th – Sunday, October 11th at the Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa, California. That’s this year, 2015. It’s coming up quickly!

We’re going to be joined by an incredible group of folks, incredible teachers, people coming in from all over the world. We’ve got some wonderful vendors who are going to be there. We’ve got some great food and drinks that are going to be served. It’s going to be a classic event at one of our favorite spots in the whole world. We’ve done well over a dozen events at this location. That’s the Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa, California October 9th – 11th, 2015. All the details are at You can find the details there.

I’m going to be joined on the stage there by Marianne Williamson, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Vani Hari “The Food Babe”, Dr. Alan Christianson, Robyn O’Brien and the special guest who we are going to be speaking to in a moment, Caroline Myss.

She has an incredible history as a medical intuitive, has written numerous bestselling books, done a lot of work with Dr. Norm Shealy, has really brought this whole idea of the chakras and their effect on our consciousness, on our biology, really to reality. For me, that’s what her work has been.

I actually first saw her about, I think, ten or fifteen years ago in Montreal, and she was doing a talk about the chakras, about the different energy centers of our body, how that effects our consciousness, how it effects our biology. It was a phenomenal, kind of game changing experience for me, and I’m very, very honored to have Caroline Myss with us.

Caroline, how are you?

Caroline Myss (CM): I’m fine, thank you! Lovely intro, thank you very much.

DW: Awesome. Your work is so, so seminal. So wonderful. Let’s start out with your medical intuitive work. We’ve got a new audience now. I think you’ve been going since the late ’80s? I think I started seeing your stuff in the late ‘8os, early ’90s?

We’ve got a group now that’s in their early 20s listening in and they are wondering, “Hey, what is a medical intuitive?”

So, tell us about the core of your work, how you got started, and what medical intuitive means.

CM: I have the ability to, the skill to, access a person’s health, their energetic health, to do a profile, communicate through our energetic system…and everybody understands it. They really do. We live in the age of energy now and I think, we need to accept, you know, look at ourselves now that we have multi-senses.

We aren’t five sensory anymore, that’s primate. We have emotional senses, spiritual, intellectual…we have numerous, numerous senses… and we have a whole dimension of energy senses that are not bound by time or space and through this system we can access different data and I’m just good at that. So, I can work with physicians and help people to do a translation of their energy anatomy, and that information helps to fill in blanks that traditional tests and laboratories can’t find.

So, there are stressors in our energy field that contribute to the development of physical illness.

DW: I remember way back in the beginning, the Norm Shealy days, I think you wrote at least one book with him, and I remember from that work that your work is very predictive.

I mean, if you see somebody who is kind of that type-A personality, business person, high amount of stress, high amount of responsibility, you kind of know where that’s gonna go. I mean, that’s the thing that was really the core of your message I really loved so much.

Give us a couple examples of that, like, you see someone and you see maybe it’s, you know, a woman in a breast cancer situation, where her marriage is not supporting her. Talk about some of those characteristics that you know where it’s going to end up. You can kind of predict what’s going to happen in the future.

CM: There are indicators that when you see someone who is hyper, hyper-responsible and they are responsible-driven, and they tell themselves…part of what I did not know then when I wrote “Creation of Health” with Norm in the 1980s that I know now, and it is one of those major keys, is the archetypal patterns that have so much influence in us.

If someone has a mythology in their head that they tell themselves, “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done and without me the whole thing will fail,” and they have that uber, kind of responsibility thing going on…that kind of person burns out their pancreas.

So, if I look at issues of where diabetes come from, the pancreatic disorders are largely based in issues of responsibility in the extreme. Lower back pain, for example, is largely based in issues of financial or survival stress.

So, it’s much easier for me to describe the stressors that break down the body than the person, and so they are major stress patterns, because it can be any type of person that engages in these stress patterns.

If you are somebody who is driven by a fear of survival, and that can be whether you are one of the Koch brothers with 80 billion dollars, or you can’t figure out how to pay your rent. It’s not a rational, rational fear.

It is a possession and you are driven by, “How will I survive and who has more than me?” and “How will I control this?” that kind of fear locks in at the base of your spine and it starts to create inflammation there and it can hit the sciatic nerves, so it’s more complex than you think.

DW: You have such a wonderful way of explaining because obviously there is a food connection; there is an exercise connection; there is just lifestyle, being outside getting air and good quality hydration; all those factors are part of health. You have such an eloquent and beautiful way that has really changed my life for sure, by explaining like, “Hey, yeah, that’s all true AND there is your emotional body”.

The way that these responsibilities, for example, or exaggerated stressors sit in our biology is going to start leading us down a certain path. Let’s get into that a little bit more. I want to talk about, because such a huge part of our culture is heading toward or is reporting breast cancer, different kinds of cancers, lung cancer, let’s talk about that a little bit. Those two cancers in particular come up a lot. What are your thoughts on that?

CM: Well, we are just a cancerous population. Since you brought up breast and ovarian cancers, for example, and prostate, let’s stick with sexual cancers.

DW: Okay.

CM: I’ll give you an image and the image is a 12-story condominium building. The building does not move but you move within the building. So, it depends on what floor you want me to answer this question on.

DW: Okay.

CM: Because every floor I take you on will give you a different view of that question.

We have a mindset that is very reductionistic. We want to reduce everything to very simple answers and there is nothing simple about having a cosmic view of life and a cosmic understanding of how health functions within the natural laws and then within the mystical laws.

It doesn’t work that way. We are products of a whole system of creation. What makes us tick is not just what we believe, but the acts of creation that we participate in.

The two new frontiers are outer space and inner space. Outer cosmos and Inner cosmos, and actually, it’s one in the same thing, and that is an extraordinary thought to even hold in your head.

We’re just beginning to go into our interior and yet we still use a model that says there is one reason for every one thing that happens.

We can’t get out of that primitive, primate form of thinking: “There must be one reason why I’m ill.”

Really? And, what reason would that be? Is it Emotional? Psychological? Historical? Mental?

It is SO primitive. It’s like a piece of sand looking at the ocean…”But there MUST be ONE reason why all of you exist!”

No. It doesn’t work that way.

You have to understand the whole and fit into it. You have to understand the laws of nature and that you yourself are a product of nature and how the laws work. The greatest key to your health is to get that truth. That the laws of nature rule your body and they rule illness, just like they rule illness.

Here a key: If the laws of nature didn’t exist, even within illness, we couldn’t have medicine because even illness functions according to the laws of nature.

So the first thing that I tell anybody now when they are ill is, “You have to get back to the laws of nature. To understanding where you have violated your own nature, and you don’t even understand your own nature.” That’s one of the most significant teachings I can get a person involved with now.

The real micro-stress is when you start choosing alliances with myths in your head that are based in lies. Now, you are getting to the root of illness.

DW: Let’s talk about your work about the way we push away healing. The work that goes on. You have that great book about…

CM: Why people don’t heal.

DW: Why people don’t heal and you have this insight that is an incredible insight and it’s very common. I see it all the time, almost daily, where the very thing that…the behavior, the emotional patterns, the whatever it is…in the person, is actually blocking their healing.

CM: Yeah, Woundology.

DW: That is an incredible insight.

CM: Well, I mean, people don’t want to heal. I mean, it’s astounding, but it’s true.

DW: Why?

CM: You know, we have a society that has a lot of bad things about it. One of which is, we reward suffering. We give privilege to suffering. We think, oh my god, you’ve suffered a lot, therefore…therefore what? Well, therefore you get the front seat…therefore, you get to be coddled…therefore we have to talk to you in a certain kind of tone of voice.

Now, I’m going to stay something here just because I have to hit a pause button.

I’ve met so many people in my career whose childhood’s were so brutal and so ugly, that honestly, it makes me wonder why we don’t make people go through a psychological test before we allow them to be parents. Their parents should never even have had children, my god!

But, there is nothing we can do about the childhoods some people have had. There is nothing we can do about it.

In healing, we can never have this idea that healing means you forget the hell you’ve been through because you can’t and you won’t. That’s not realistic. It’s not. But, the truth is, in life you either get bitter or you get better, and you don’t have any other choice.

DW: How do we get our way out of these pitfalls? I mean, intuition. What role does intuition play? How do we guide our way out of these things?

CM: The model of healing has been ‘go on a search and destroy mission’ and go look at where you’ve been wounded in the past, as if that is the end of it. You know, who hurt you, your wounded child, your inadequate childhood, all this other stuff, when in fact, the journey of healing is all about your relationship to yourself and the quality of choices you make as an adult and whether or not you have integrity, whether or not you have honesty, whether or not you are a liar. Liars don’t heal.

DW: You know, when I think about the work that has been done, for example, by Vani Hari, transforming the way we look at food and it’s affecting the big food companies, the big food giants, I feel like we can effect change by our daily behaviors. Our daily attitudes and daily behaviors can effect a change globally. Right? So, I see that side too. That’s very heartening.

CM: I think that we can effect change and we have the tools at our disposal that we can effect change throughout uniting via the internet, the web, through the work that we do. I would not be a passionate teacher if I thought all was lost, believe me. But, I am also very much aware that we have to be aware of what we are dealing with, and how serious everything is.

DW: The moral and ethical dilemmas that are around us, that we are being presented with, it’s kind of a collective phenomenon to my mind. That’s what I feel is that everywhere is a moral and ethical dilemma. Everybody I’ve talked to that is working in big oil, big banking, they are in a moral and ethical dilemma, they don’t know what to do to solve their moral and ethical dilemma and I think that’s where you can provide us good coaching.

CM: Well, I hope so. I hope so because I think it’s important for people to realize that life is now filled with these choices, challenges, and they have to be able to recognize, “I actually have a moral dilemma going on. I have a moral crisis in me.” Because we don’t have that language anymore, they don’t identify that.

So many people don’t even recognize that what they are feeling is actually a moral crisis erupting in them. Actually, an ethical crisis erupting, but because those words aren’t used, people will redirect these feelings into a personal problem.

They’ll say, “I must be having a problem with somebody” or they don’t understand that the nature of these crises and therefore they don’t know how to navigate them.

DW: Help us there because it is every day, all day long.

CM: It’s not a simple solution because you know, having clarity about your ethics, and your morals, your values takes a lot of inner work. This is a challenge for people when they find themselves in a crisis and then they don’t know what their own values are.

They’ve never even taken the time to refine within themselves, “What are my ethics? What won’t I compromise in myself? What are my lines in the sand? What do I believe that is absolutely not negotiable?”

What you yourself decide, “I ethically will not participate in doing something that I know violates other people or poisons my environment. I don’t know how I will survive in the outside world, but I know that I will not survive in my inside world if I do this.”

DW: If someone transgresses their morals and ethical code, then there is a feeling of guilt, which is going to give rise to forgiveness…the need for forgiveness. I see that. Can you walk us through that? I guess we’d have to come to the point of forgiveness?

CM: Well, forgiveness is a whole other subject and I bet I’ll talk about that at my talk (at the Women’s Wellness Conference™. How’s that?

DW: That sounds good. I’d love that. Thank you.

CM: Okay.

DW: Right on. Thank you. And for everybody who is listening Caroline is going to be joining us at The Women’s Wellness Conference™ October 9th-11th, 2015 at the Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa, California.

You can find her also at

Thank you so much for joining us Caroline, for giving us your time.

CM: You’re welcome!


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  1. synrgii

    The content of this short interview goes by quickly and covers so many topics that it’s easy to miss or gloss over the true value here. What Caroline says encompasses so much wisdom in so many areas that each sub-topic must take hours and hours to cover in-depth. This is possibly the most important post I have seen on this entire website because it talks about the concepts that
    1) form the actual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual FRAMEWORK for
    2) the PROCESSES of how we each approach, focus, address, and attempt to resolve
    3) ALL our individual and collective
    4) views, sub-concerns, problems, challenges, threats, etc
    5) in both the synergistic/complimentary physical AND energetic worlds.
    Thus, this basically encompasses EVERYTHING.

    People say, “There must be one reason why I’m ill.” NO! It’s NOT SIMPLE…it’s COMPLEX. So we MUST raise our capacity, understanding, and efforts in order to use COMPLEX approaches. Caroline says: “We aren’t five sensory anymore, that’s primate.” I TOTALLY AGREE! Yet unfortunately it appears the vast majority of people are absolutely stuck in primate thinking, and getting slower, dumber, lazier, etc everyday. So discouraging! And thus, as Caroline says here too: “Liars don’t heal.” I TOTALLY AGREE again! Yet, individual people (you and me), collective groups, and even the world as a whole all are LIARS right now to ourselves.

    I’m very impressed with this content, and will be checking out her website for more, as I never actually heard of her before today. David: Thank you for including this interview.

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