How YOU Can Become a Health Genius

I’ve noticed of those successful people that I’ve known in the world, of the top entrepreneurs I currently know in New York City, I’ve noticed there is a difference in attitude. Because ATTITUDE will determine APTITUDE. Not the other way around. Attitude determines aptitude.

How does a New York City street kid, and I’m talking a kid that was painting trains, become the top entrepreneur in America? How does that happen?

It’s because there is an attitude that says: “I can.”

“I can figure it out.” “I know what to do…I’m going to make it…I’ll work at it until I understand.”

Right? It’s just an attitude. Whereas someone can easily just check out and say: “Oh no, I can’t…I don’t know…I don’t understand.”

It takes the same amount of work – actually, it takes MORE work – to excuse yourself out of it then to just say, “I can figure this out.”

Interesting, isn’t it?

So attitude precedes aptitude. You CAN figure it out.

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