How to Avoid the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in America

How to Avoid the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in America


Check out this exclusive interview with author, lecturer, and featured presenter at the upcoming Longevity Now Conference™, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and discover:

  • The fatal flaw in GMO testing that allows companies to experiment their dangerous foods on your health.
  • A surprising (and low-cost) food source that contains 30x more nutrition than vegetables.
  • The appropriate role a physician should play in guiding you along the path to good health.
  • What is killing 700 people per day in America and how you can avoid becoming a statistic.

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  1. synrgii

    Mercola is great, except a couple warnings…

    1) Bark chips from others will have tons of Roundup, chemicals, etc… You are not going to want to use mass amounts of those for your future soil/garden! …unless you know what they did on their property previously.
    2) Eating 2 or 3 avocados per day is going to be VERY high in copper, which for people with pyroluria, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid issues, etc might not do well with.
    Otherwise, good standard basics.

      • synrgii

        Avocados are high in copper (which may or may not be bioavailable… a little different form than say copper water-pipes or similar) which CAN throw off other critical nutrients (read up on “Nutritional Balancing” or “Mineral Balancing” and if you get hair-testing, do so only by ARL labs as they process the hair samples correctly and give consistent results. Other labs can get all sorts of random results from poor handling/preparation/processing).
        Avocados also trigger a histamine reaction and that can screw things up indirectly with the thyroid. I start getting a tickled nose and even sneezing when I first start eating an avocado. Really really tired afterwards (in part from the high magnesium content as well though).
        Hope this helps a little.

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