Essential Hormone Advice (for living longer)

Essential Hormone Advice (for living longer) Transcription

We had John Gray come up here, and he was talking about hormones. He threw so many things at us: progesterone, estradiol, estrone, 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone. We were like, What? Cortisol. What’s that?

Next thing, you know, thyroid hormone, vitamin D3, oxytocin. And that was just a barrage.

So we’re going to do a quick little thing. I want to show you the hormone scale up here. Let’s pop that up here. So we just take part of our room, like you guys right here. You’re progesterone. So you need to write that down, and your homework assignment tonight is you’re going to look up progesterone on Wikipedia, the dictionary, somewhere online. Just go “progesterone definition.” You’ve gotta learn what that is.

What’s great about these guys right here is they are the primary female hormone, but they are very protected. They’re far away from flipping over and becoming harmful substances. Progesterone may be the very reason why women live longer than men.

Men, they’re based on testosterone. Women have testosterone, too. Usually a woman will have 1/30, 1/20, or maybe even 1/10 what a man has in testosterone. But it’s good for a woman. You need testosterone.

But for a man, we’re based on testosterone. We have to be careful, though, because testosterone can cause you to go cuckoo, and you can flip over and it’s very close to what we call aromatization.

So you guys right here, this little group right here, you guys are testosterone. You go like this, “YEAHHHHH!”

Estriol. That’s the good estrogen. You guys back here, you guys are estradiol. I want you to look it up.

{Stage whisper: You have to look up testosterone.}

Estriol. You have to look it up. You have to write it down. I know it takes six seconds to write it down. It’s really tough. I know you’d just rather sit there. I know it’s extremely difficult to write down six letters. It’s almost impossible, seven letters.

DHEA. Where are you guys? You’re over here. This is DHEA right here. DHEA. DHEA has a lot to do with DHA. High-electron content of DHA. Remember that? The fish oil? The algae oil? The krill oil? This is the thing you need for this right up here, so this doesn’t go cuckoo. This is what this hormone thing is all about. You gotta get the right oils in so you have the memory hormone called DHEA.

I gave you a little bit of a hint. You still have to look it up. DHEA over here.

What else? What else do we have?

Vitamin D3. Back. You guys right there. You’re vitamin D3. You need to look up vitamin D3. I don’t want you to just come up with a definition. I want you to come up with a little bit of a history of how vitamin D3 was discovered and then how it was kind of transformed to, “This isn’t a vitamin. This is a hormone.”

So we have to get all the way there. Who’s ready to get all the way there? Who came all the way to go halfway?

Thyroid hormone. You guys over here. You need to look into thyroid hormone. What is T3? What is T4? What are T1 and T2? You need to know it.

All of these guys on that side, that whole list: Progesterone, testosterone, estriol, DHEA, D3, thyroid. These are anabolic. These keep you young. Once you go through puberty, the sex hormones are the health hormones.

I’m not sure if John Gray said that. It’s one of those things that needs to be said. The sex hormones are the health hormones.

Now, eventually, one day we’ll realize the healthiest we ever were was when we were like 7 years old. That means that the juvenile hormones are actually the healthiest, healthiest healthy hormones. So one day we’ll realize, when we get to super-consciousness levels, that we go through the sex hormone stage and then we’re like 185, and we’ll go, “Okay, now we’re going to go back to juvenile hormones and live out the next 3,000 years that way.”

It’s kind of obvious, right?

All right. Look in the middle right there. Estradiol – estrone.

So over here, you guys in the front, you’re estradiol. You’re important at the right time. But if you’re 63 and suddenly estradiol is up here, that’s not good. Look into that one. So it’s kind of a borderline one. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad.

What’s the other one? Estrone. You need it at the right time. It’s important. But at the wrong time, worst ever, not good.

What’s in the middle right there that we put up at the top? Aromatization. What does that mean? John Gray actually said it. He actually mentioned it.

Let me tell you what that is. These good hormones right over there – like progesterone, testosterone, estriol, DHEA, D3, thyroid – under certain conditions will aromatize, or there will be a certain smell (aroma, that’s where it comes from), and they will flip over and become a harmful hormone metabolite. Or they’ll flip over from becoming a healthy testosterone to becoming an unhealthy estrone.

This is the trigger that causes reproductive cancers to run out of control. It’s called aromatization. Now I’ve written books about this whole subject. It’s very important to understand what it means. There are things you can do naturally to protect yourself.

See that line right there? See these guys right here…let’s hear it. Progesterone – what do you guys have to say?

I didn’t hear them. Did you? I don’t think they want to win.


Testosterone? YEAH.


That was pretty good. DHEA?

Oh, woah!

Vitamin D3? What are you thinking?

Thyroid hormone?

Now what happens is, you guys get bored. You get tired. Next thing you know, you see that these guys over here… This is like our staff back in the corner over there. Estrogens, metabolites, cortisol, 16-alpha hydroxyestrone. Right back there, like the audiovisual booth right there.

They’re drinking. They’re partying. They’re having all kinds of cheesecake. They’re doing all the wrong things. They think that burnt toast is charcoal. And after a while, you guys start looking at them going, “Hey! Maybe the party’s better over there.”

That’s called aromatization. Where the good guys flip over and become the bad guys. I wanted to lay this all out for you. This is in my books. You can study it a little bit more deeply. But because we threw so many things at you, we had to kind of lay this out.

We always want to keep this group right here happy. “I was happy.”

One of the big ones on that side, it’s actually really the biggest of them all – it’s the feel-good hormone of all time – oxytocin. So what we do for all of us, it’s all of our duties to actually look that one up. Oxytocin. Every single person in the room, pull that up on Wikipedia, a little search engine. You can even dig it up right now on your phone.

Not right now! I saw some people reach. Or you’re faking me out. Remember that when you were like…?

Oxytocin keeps it all going, because that’s the love hormone.

Real quick: as we age what happens with these guys, especially the good guys right there, is they all head south. Everything drops. Let’s look at a scale of that. Let’s look at a graph of that to show you what happens.

It’s basically, when you start out, you know when you’re young you’re all on this side. You build up those sex hormones. This is just progesterone and estrogens.

But this line right here. See, that’s perimenopause. When progesterone drops down dramatically quicker than estrogen, it’s called a hot flash. Which gives you a little indication of what progesterone is, or what it does. At some level, you’re going to have to have a conversation with Mother Nature and say, “Hey, I know I’m out of reproductive years, but I still want to live.”

Otherwise, you’re going to be selected by Nature to leave.

What do I mean by that? I mean that once you’re out of sexual reproductive years, Nature’s going to select you out. If you don’t start thinking about how to keep your progesterone up like when you were 16 or 18 or 33, then you’ll be selected away. So, you have to fake out Mother Nature. It’s a decision you have to make. You have to decide right now, like, “Hey which way is it going to go for me? Am I going to fake out Mother Nature?”

The best way, of course, is nutrition. But at some level, progesterone is a protector. The history of it is impressive.

Real quick on this: I know for sure that pharmaceutical interests are trying to confuse it. I know for sure. I’ve looked at it. Other doctors and researchers have come to the same conclusion.

What do I mean by this?

Progestins can be synthetic. They can be artificial and cancer-causing. So what they do is they try to deliberately muddle progestin hormones and hormone supplements with progesterone and confuse you, so you go, “Oh, they’re talking about progesterone. And progesterone might cause cancer.”

There is no evidence that progesterone causes cancer. It’s the opposite. It’s one of the most powerful anti-cancer substances ever found. It’s anti-arthritic. It’s anti-heart disease. It’s anti-calcification. It’s anti-tumor. And so is humor. Humor is better than a tumor.

There’s that word if you need to figure out how to spell that one. What’s that word? Oxytocin.

All right. Let’s keep going. As we age, remember, things start going down. Men, you’re like, “Well, that was women’s hormones.”

Well, guess what, men? That’s going to happen to you, too.

DHT – dihydrotestosterone – which causes male pattern baldness? Your DHT starts to irritate your follicles as you age, but the DHT remains relatively the same all the way through your life. It’s interesting.

Your free testosterone drops off, but DHT – this is for men – relatively stays the same. So you need to desensitize the follicles so you don’t lose hair. That’s the best method going.

One of the best ways to do that is nettle root tincture. This chaga that we’ve been passing around – see in this bottle right there? – five years in alcohol. Nobody does that. Nobody cares about that. Right?

Most people it’s a month or three months. Five years. That’s our commitment to excellence.

Okay? Are you guys ready to put this thing together?

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