Advanced Health Awareness

Advanced Health Awareness

Check out this exclusive audio interview with radio talk show host and speaker at the upcoming Women’s Wellness Conference™, Lisa Garr, and discover:

  • How Lisa overcame life-threatening health challenges (TBI and Hashimoto’s) to become one the world’s greatest on-air voices for alternative health strategies and holistic nutrition.
  • How to work within your environment to deactivate genetic markers for sickness and disease and switch on positive gene expression for optimal health and wellness.
  • Lisa’s concept of ‘Awareism’ and how you can cultivate a completely personalized nutrition and exercise strategy that is ideally suited for you and your own body.
  • The health and longevity secrets Lisa has learned (and will sharing with us at the Women’s Wellness Conference 2014) through interviewing hundreds of the world’s leading experts over the last 15 years.



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