Knock out the flu with THIS delicious drink!

Watch as David Wolfe shares his tasty flu and cold-busting recipe, Immuno Boost, from his best-selling MEGA IMMUNITY Program. In this video you will:


  • Learn how to make a powerful immune boosting drink that can easily knock out flu and colds with no side effects (like sluggishness and drowsiness).
  • Discover the power of certain superfoods and superherbs to not only boost your immune system, but to teach your immune system intelligence for life-long strength.
  • Utilize secret strategies for immune building that increase your body’s natural energy to push back viruses and bacteria before they gain a foothold in your system.

Immuno Boost recipe for cold and flu season


Spring Water

Dandelion Root

Raw Organic Ginger Root

Dragon Herbs® Heaven Mountain Goji Berries

Raw Organic Cinnamon Powder

Dragon Herbs® Astragalus eeTee

David Wolfe Foods® Wildcrafted Chaga Tincture

David Wolfe Foods® Organic Vanilla Powder

David Wolfe Foods® NoniLand Honey

Directions: Warm spring water and add Dandelion eeTee™ powder. Add Ginger root and Goji berries to the warm Dandelion tea and let still for a few minutes. Pour your Dandelion/Ginger/Goji berry tea into your Nutribullet®. Add the rest of the ingredients. Blend well, then enjoy!

Protect yourself and the ones you love during cold and flu season with David Wolfe’s MEGA IMMUNITY Program!

Mega Immunity for cold and flu season

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