What Every Computer Owner Needs to Know

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  1. Maria Bierbauer

    Great real time video. Let’s share and get this information everywhere! Great products all around for dirty indoor environments. Barefoot footwear, or bare feet on the ground often every day.
    Even for a few minutes!
    Thanks Avo! Good, to see/hear Ya!
    Love and Blessings…❤????????

  2. Gu Est

    But doesnt he just make himself a conduit to conduct the electricity at that point ? Becoming part of the circuit ?
    Ground is no longer neutral in the usa. From 1972 power companies illegally use the earths crust for the return so at any given location, the ground can be carrying significant voltage. no longer neutral or “ground”. You can discharge electric voltage by stepping barefoot with BOTH bare feet on a stainless steel pizza pan or sheet of tinfoil.

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