Have You Ever Been Told You Have THIS?

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Transcription of Have You Ever Been Told You Have THIS?

Dave: We have a gentleman right here. He’s got a question. Here comes the mic. Go for it.

Audience Member: Thanks for the wonderful weekend, Dave. My question is about Candida and if you think it’s really a serious problem and what your protocol is for healing it and if we need to make such a big deal out of it the way it’s portrayed in a lot of health sources.

Dave: Great question. Candida comes up over and over again. Candida, according to Western medicine, doesn’t even exist.

What is Candida? It’s essentially a dysbiosis where the bad bacteria outweigh the good bacteria. One of the bad bacterias is actually not a bacteria, it’s a yeast.

We call it Candida albicans. It forms a white slurry, and it’s something that’s prevalent when somebody has mercury poisoning. So it can be protecting you.

We can’t just say these things are always bad. There might be a good reason to have Candida. It might be sucking up the mercury out of your system.

Dysbiosis is becoming more and more prevalent because as time goes on we’re demineralized. We’ve never had any medicine, of course not; not real medicine. That would be the superherbs I’m talking about.

All we’ve ever had is food. The food is demineralized. It’s GMO. It’s grown behind farmers’ fence lines. So we have no natural defenses. And all of a sudden we’ve got all this sugar coming in. Right?

The average American; how much sugar are we ingesting in a single year?

Yeah. It’s about 160 to 173 pounds.


It’s shocking.

So Candida feeds on sugar. It loves that kind of environment. And we become dysbiotic, and our digestion starts to break down. It’s like autism, it’s by degree. It’s on a spectrum. So we should really be saying Candida Spectrum Disorder. That’s the real truth.

If you can get on a no-sugar diet, or a very low-sugar diet of any type – no fruit even – and do that diet for six weeks, you can really knock your Candida backwards.

What I like about that kefir culture is it goes after that Candida, and it creates an environment where the Candida doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Another thing can be said about charcoal. Charcoal sucks up what the real problem is.

I mentioned this, and it was really fast on the first day. I said that the real problem is not the cancer. The real problem is not the Candida. The real problem is not the parasite. It’s what it’s excreting into your system, its poop.

That excretion is what’s toxic. It’s the excretion of the toxins of cancer that are dangerous to you. It’s why ozone is very powerful against cancer, because it neutralizes and oxidizes and detoxifies a lot of the very gross, stinky stuff that cancers are accumulating and excreting into your system.

Nitrogen compounds. Remember that? Remember if your compost pile gets really stinky? Remember that? What do you put on it?

Charcoal. Exactly.

So if you have a stinky nitrogen pile here – halitosis coming out over here… supercalifragilisticextrahalitosis – then you dump charcoal on it until it kills the smell and neutralizes that nitrogen. So those people who have been on high-nitrogen diets, high-protein diets…you get near them and their breath is outrageous.

That’s the other side. You want to become a big body builder? Whatever. Meanwhile, no woman will ever get close to you because your breath stinks.

You see, when it’s worded that way, all of a sudden guys think twice.

People won’t tell you. My friends in college used to say, “Whoa. Back off Breath.”

After college, no one ever said anything. But back in college, they’re still telling you the truth. So watch out for that.

So Candida is a spectrum disorder. You’ve got to find out where you fit in there. I like electronic medicine a lot for Candida to help that dysbiosis – like Zappers, sitting on a Rife machine, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapies – to help create a nice biome so that the environment down here is able to support healthy bacteria, and the bad guys don’t really want to be there anymore.

That’s ultimately what it’s all about, changing your microbiome.



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