David Wolfe’s Top Tips for Radiant Beauty

David Wolfe’s Top Tips for Radiant Beauty

Check out this exclusive interview with superfood expert, lecturer, and host of the upcoming Women’s Wellness Conference™, David Wolfe, and discover:

  • Intimate connections between your emotional well-being, spiritual health, and physical beauty.
  • The top natural skin products that David Wolfe recommends for maintaining silky and beautiful skin.
  • David Wolfe’s special sleep tips to help you rejuvenate, restore, and revive your external appearance and vitality.
  • The top Chinese superfood that David Wolfe incorporates into this diet for maintaining optimal skin health and beauty.

Transcript of “David Wolfe’s Beauty Tips”

Lucien Gauthier (LG): Welcome everyone, this is your host, Lucien Gauthier, and I am here with David “Avocado” Wolfe.

We are gearing up for The Women’s Wellness Conference™ Friday, October 9th – Sunday, October 11th at our favorite venue, the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa, California Hotel. This is at a place that we’ve really come to regard it as our home in terms of events, wouldn’t you say, Dave? We’ve just had such a great time here over the years.

David “Avocado” Wolfe (DW): I think we’ve done at least a dozen events in that hotel and it does feel like home and it’s incredible how supportive the staff is at that hotel, and it’s a great location! So close to John Wayne Airport and just less than an hour from LAX.

LG: We’ve got some amazing speakers. We’ve got Marianne Williamson coming; Vani Hari “The Food Babe”Dr. David VillarrealNadine Artemis who has been, I think, at almost all of our events; Dr. Sara Gottfried who I think is really coming into her own as a speaker and author and lecturer.

For people who aren’t familiar with our live events and what to expect, David, what would you say is kind of like, the driving force behind these events? We do The Longevity Now® Conference, now we’re doing The Women’s Wellness Conference™. What is it that maybe we can let the new people kind of come to understand about our purpose, our mission, and the function of these events?

DW: Well, it’s so great to get together with like-minded people. There is actually nothing more powerful than that. Because of social media, because of our computers and internet, we are able to connect with like-minded people, but it’s not in person and there is a difference. We get together. We get into this mode of hyper-learning.

Another piece of this puzzle is we’ve got an incredibly well-organized event, an incredibly well-organized team. So, if you’re new to coming to an event like this, I think you’ll be very, very happy with the way that the event runs and the smoothness of it all and the way that each seminar or lecture kind of flows into the next one. So, you put all those pieces together and I’ll call that “magic”.

LG: We set the bar very high and that comes from you and your example that you show.

In this interview, we’re going to talk a little bit about beauty. What people can do improve their internal and external beauty, some tips and tricks, not only to maintain beauty, but also hand-in-hand with that is youthfulness, vitality, vibrancy.

Let’s talk about the connection between beauty and youthfulness, and the role that you see superfoods and superherbs playing into that.

DW: It’s so amazing the information that we’ve been able to gather and what we understand now. Taoist tonic herbalism and the entire history of that and longevity. You know, that’s a 5,000 year history. We bring that right into the middle of this event and every aspect of it.

Now, I do want to talk about every aspect of it because ultimately beauty is youth and beauty is a feeling. It’s a state. It’s a feeling of consciousness and that’s where we start; the spiritual aspect.

You have to have a countenance about you that suggests a deep inner calm and happiness, and I really believe that that is one of the core aspects of beauty.

Sure, someone could live a long time and be a worrywart, and that is an archetype of longevity actually, people who worry all the time. But, it doesn’t display itself as the most attractive and most beautiful personality.

You know, that is something that we really work on as just always coming in from the top. The spiritual cascading down and having that countenance where you feel at one with the universe, and you feel at one with your body, and yourself, and your whole mission, and everything. All those pieces of your life. That’s the first piece.

The second piece is emotional poise and being emotionally well-centered and this is something some of us have to work on harder than others. Some people have more anger issues. Some people are more timid and we have to work through those issues, through our life, and get to that point of balance, which is poise.

You know, when you poise a rock up on another rock? It’s that perfect balance that you find, and that’s really a key here as well.

It’s the old Aristotelian golden mean, which is, not too hot and not too cold. Dr. Sara Gottfried and I call that the ‘Goldilocks Position’ and that’s where we want to be emotionally. Right in that center space and try not to get dragged off of it too much, and if you do get dragged out of it, you come back with forgiveness and you try to make amends either with yourself or with others and bring yourself back to that emotional poise.

The other piece is mental alertness, awareness, and learning. So those are very important aspects of mentally how we are going to psych ourselves up each day, so we are alert, we’re aware, we’re in a state of constant learning, and that suggests beauty.

That’s what it’s all about and the more that we do that, the more we engage in those kinds of practices, always looking at everything that is happening – whether your kids are freaking out or somebody gets hurt or whatever the situation is – we are always coming at that from a state of learning, and that is the mental position.

When we get down to the physical, we start looking at all the pieces of the puzzle, and I’m going to cover this, by the way at The Women’s Wellness Conference™, again those dates, by the way, are coming up. October 9th through 11th is just around the corner for most of us, so if you plan to be there, I’m going to get into it. Things like oil pulling, brushing your teeth. Halitosis is a mortal sin. When it comes to beauty you want to smell good and you want your breath to smell good.

Whole self-care: What are you going to put on your skin? Your skin is the last area to get nutrition, so we want to make sure that we use some type of topical support for our skin. I really like olive oil, coconut oil, jungle grown acao butter**, and seabuckthorn oil.

I’m going to get into all those, by the way, but it’s that outer self-care and that inner self-care, which is diet. Your diet and lifestyle. So that when you’re green on the inside, you’re clean on the inside. You’re keeping yourself clean on the inside and you’re also keeping yourself pure and beautiful on the outside.

So, you’re taking that time each day. What it really comes down to is that time each day to be disciplined and step away from everything that you are doing and take some time for yourself.

I really was able to get some leverage on this by realizing that I always do take time to myself to brush my teeth, so I started adding in a few other things – flossing, showering in spring water, the skin care we were talking about, taking a little time also for prayer. Taking a little bit of time to find that balance of all – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional – which you know, comes down to prayer and often that comes with sungazing.

So all of those pieces are balanced precariously often in our lives and we try to just get to a deeper sense of poise spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

LG: Dave, one of the things that I see you delivering to people from the stage is a message of hope. A message of “you can start anywhere, no matter where you are, no matter where you happen to be starting your health journey, you can begin wherever you’re at.” You give people such hope and confidence.

One thing I notice is people walking in maybe a little bit unsure, or they are a little bit, you know, maybe not very confident. Then when they’ve come out and they’ve taken all these notes, and they’ve heard you speak, they are filled with a sense of confidence and empowerment, and that I see is a very attractive quality. It’s a very beautiful quality when you see people coming out. You seem to deliver that in spades at these events.

DW: Thank you! I’ve really have cultivated that through all my events over all these years, the last 22 years, and I feel like that’s what’s needed in the world. We need some support in that area.

We’ve got so much negativity coming at us from so much media, all you’ve got to do is throw that out and step into hope. Step into a place where you feel like things can improve.

There is a great Napoleon Hill quote where he says, “The beginning of success is realizing that the way it is now is not the way it has to be.” You can change it, and that’s a great place to start.

You can change your life. You can change what is happening in your life. You can change your surroundings. You can change the people you are associating with and you can do it with joy and grace too.

It’s something that we all have to learn a different way. Instead of reacting or coming out too strong or just speaking up in a way that others might consider having an attitude. Instead of that, try to cultivate inside yourself that balance and that poise that even if you have to say something that is critical, something that is important maybe in a work-related situation, or something that somebody else might not like – to your kids, to your husband, to your family, to your friends – you say it in a way where you are coming from a place of love and I do think that is the core of beauty. It is that inner place of love and happiness really deep within you.

Also, one last piece, and this is the thing that I am really going to focus on throughout the entire Women’s Wellness Conference™ and that is a fundamental underlying belief, under everything, that the universe is constructed magically instead of mathematically. There is some aspect of consciousness and joy inside of every piece of the universe. I think that that really provides a great starting position to cultivate beauty physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

LG: Dave, I would like to get your take on one chunky little piece of the puzzle. There are so many articles coming out now on sleep and we live in a society where we literally are glued to our smartphones, our tablets, and our computers almost all day long. We go to bed with them. We watch TV and it seems like the quality of our sleep collectively is under assault.

What role does this play in our ability to sort of restore/regenerate? They talk about “beauty sleep”, do you see that as being one of the main issues that we’re going to have to tackle in some way, shape, or form in the coming years and decades?

DW: Definitely. Sleep disorders, insomnia, are literally an epidemic. It’s an enormous issue and there is a connection, right? Between the idea of beauty sleep, not necessarily getting too much sleep, but getting quality sleep. That’s really the key of it all is getting quality sleep.

So, for example, one of my daily disciplines, it’s part of my beauty diet health routine is actually getting inverted twice a day, which means I get my legs and hips above my heart at least twice per day and that’s really, really nice at the end of the day.

For example, the other day I carried a lot of weight, went into the forest, dug up all kinds of debris, brought it back to the house, all kinds of things like that. It was just a really physically active kind of day, and I was really sore, but I had to get up early the next morning and get going. So, I threw the pillows under my hips on the couch, threw my legs up over the back of the couch, and then was laying essentially inverted on the couch, so that my hips were above my head and my heart, and my legs were above my hips.

Now if you can get a quality sleep in that way, I do that in hotel rooms a lot, you can literally get away with maybe three hours of sleep when you would normally have needed six. Now, it’s hard to sleep like that the first time because it’s a weird position because you’re kind of upside down, right?

Again, instead of putting the pillows under my head, I put them under my hips, and then get my legs elevated and, usually on a couch you can throw them over the back of the couch, and then you are kind of laying so that you are completely upside down. That is a really helpful way to get yourself rejuvenated.

The number one cause of exhaustion, being worn out, is adrenalization, and that is what causes us to be able to stand up. The number one thing that is causing attacks on our adrenals, by far, is standing up.

So, all you have to do is follow that yogi advice, that ancient yogic wisdom, to get inverted a couple times per day and you immediately turn gravity, which is usually a toxin, and you flip it and you make it a medicine because it’s allowing your body to rest and de-adrenalize. Shut the adrenaline off.

LG: That’s one of my favorite, sort of, analogies that you use is: gravity is a toxin. Then, on stage you’ll do that walk across the stage, and then slowly you’ll hunch your back, and then hunch it more, and more, and more. I mean, literally we’re being pulled into the grave through the force of gravity and levity permeates your energy during the events. Levity permeates the superfood angle that you take and the different analogies that you use.

Let’s wrap up this interview by talking about some of the simple herbs and superfoods people can begin to incorporate into their diet that will help them to get that tonification, as you’ve taught that the tonifying property of those herbs basically keeps everything toned – your skin, your organs, your blood. That’s going to have a significant impact on our health and our beauty.

DW: Definitely. I do want to mention three of my favorite tonic herbs for beauty, with again, a 5,000 year history.

Longan. Longan is a lychee-type of fruit. It got kind of a hard exterior, sometimes they call them lychee nuts because you have to kind of crack the exterior and then you are into the juicy bit around the seed. Extremely tough plant, wow. I’ve been growing lychees. I’ve seen some amazing things about lychee. It’s one of the toughest fruit trees in the world I’d say, and a beauty food par excellence, and a beauty superherb.

Another one that is in there? Schizandra. Schizandra is arguably the greatest fruit of all. Arguably the greatest superfruit of all. Arguably the greatest herb of all time. The five flavor fruit. Wu Wei Zi. It’s a supertonic adaptogen, immunological, beautifying. It’s had a history, again, of being used for beauty going back thousands of years. You can’t beat that!

Another one that is like that is Pearl. Pearl calcium, which is the crushed up pearls. Instead of wearing them as a necklace, crush them up to a powder and eat them. You always want to shop, by the way, for the smallest pearls. Those are the ones that are used for eating instead of the big ones that you would use for a necklace.

Other things I want to mention about beauty is the delivery system, which is, of course going to be cacao** and the oils in chocolatechocolate oils, that’s the noble essence. That’s the beauty essence. That contains the greatest beauty oil of all, which is jungle grown cacao butter** or cocoa butter. Absolutely excellent.

Another great one? Olives. Olives have that thousands of years of history of being a beauty food. I like to eat them black, when they naturally ripened, so that oil is fully present and it has that rich, liquor note, that just reeks of that ancient greek ideal of beauty. It’s just incredible.

And then another thing I want to mention, coconuts. Coconut products. Coconut is one of the great foods on the planet. In Sanskrit, it means: The food that gives you everything you need to live. The oils, and especially the young, like almost when it’s a jelly-meat. When the coconut is just developing, if you cut it open at that time, drink the water, and get that jelly-meat out, it’s one of the most youthening, one of the most beautifying foods of all.

LG: Alright. Fantastic! We can’t wait to hear all the different angles that you are going to be taking on this and many other subjects at The Women’s Wellness Conference™. Again, that’s Friday, October 9th – Sunday, October 11th. You can get your tickets today. Our Early Bird Ticket price at the moment is $197, so you want to take advantage of that before it goes up and you also want to book at the hotel so that you are with everybody else. There will be a lot of opportunities and chances to meet and mingle with many people throughout the weekend, so we’re really looking forward to this and we’re really looking forward to your hosting.

What is the latest and greatest in your research?

DW: I’m having so much fun gardening right now. That’s kind of what I’m working on is a permaculture system for this far up north where I’ve got a place in Canada. I’ve just been working on guilding and putting different plants together to protect all of them, to protect everyone in the group, because I live in a wild environment deer can come in here, bears can come in here.

I found a massive porcupine in my apple tree the other day in the middle of the night. I was walking out there and there was something massive in the middle of the tree. I was like, “Geez, what in the world is that?” And it was a porcupine!

So I’ve got to be able to keep these things from being eaten alive by the animals here, but do it in a natural way without having to put in all these fences and you know, “us and them”, and all that.

So, that’s been the focus of what I’ve been doing and it’s been really really enlightening. It’s like getting in tune with what nature is doing. I’ve learned over the ten years here and then taking action based on that knowledge.

LG: Alright, awesome. Well, we look forward to seeing you and everyone there for The Women’s Wellness Conference™. This is Lucien Gauthier signing off with David “Avocado” Wolfe and we are wishing you the best day ever.


Come join us this October and make the commitment to take your health to the next level. The Women’s Wellness Conference™ is fast approaching. Get your early bird ticket here before prices go up again! We look forward to seeing you in Costa Mesa!


**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador. To read more, click here.

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