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Transcription of David Wolfe’s Super Brain Berry Boost

Take your cup. Here we go. You guys ready to get into this? First thing, berries…

We could do coconut water first, but I don’t do the liquid first, do I? We save that, put that aside, because if I make a mistake I want that there. There’s our coconut water. We’ve got that. Here’s our berries.

These anthocyanins that are in here, the red pigment, actually cyanidin is the name of it, can cross the blood-brain barrier. It is a nervous system protector par excellence, almost unmatched. I like to get them all in there. This is the only blender in the world that will liquefy raspberry seeds. Liquefy.

It will liquefy, most of the time, blackberry seeds. It’s a texture we’ve never had before, because there was never this kind of fire power like what’s going on here.


Then what do we do? Let’s go to the next thing.

By the way, these can be frozen. Sometimes frozen is cheaper, right? Or we collect them all in the summer. We go to a blueberry patch. I found my thrill… And then you get all your blueberries home, you freeze half of them. Throw them in the freezer. The rest you throw in there and make this right away.

Let’s throw the goji berries in. So we’re going raspberry, goji berries. That’s what’s in my front yard. That’s what I’ve got in my front yard – raspberries and goji berries.

What do you do? Well, you take one of these. People are like, “Where do I get seeds?”

You take one of these, and you open it up like this, and there are seeds in there. And you plant them in your backyard in Los Angeles. In New York. In Ontario. In Florida. In Texas. In Washington State.

It’s an adaptogen. It can make it. The only things that will kill a goji berry are deer and clay. If it sits in muck, if it sits in water, it will pay the price. It won’t survive sitting in water. It needs good, well-drained soil. But any conditions, it doesn’t matter.


Next. You guys ready… You’re not ready for more. Where are we at? We’re bringing this thing to a startling conclusion. We’re going to do this. Maca.

We have not gotten into maca yet, the super-cruciform. The highest-altitude crop in the world. When you’re in Peru, you can tell that there’s something happening in the history of our world, because when you cross right down to Lake Titicaca (that is the actual name, by the way), and you’re looking across Lake Titicaca, you can see the old level of Lake Titicaca, and there are terraced fields where maca had been grown and other crops that are above the permanent snow line.

We’re just taught…it’s just ridiculous. I don’t know what we’re taught. It’s ridiculous. Like, no the cataclysm can’t happen in our world.

Well, how do you explain that one, then?

There was a different world before us, came before us, it seems. And part of that civilization was in Peru and Bolivia. Part of that civilization was in Egypt. We feel that. We see that. And they had tuned into certain foods. So we just go right there, right to the magic. Growing right out of those ruins in Peru and Bolivia are the wild goji berries. Maca is still grown in those highlands there. We get to access that magic right here.

Some of us may never make it to Peru or Bolivia, but we’ll get to taste it.

BOOM! Get the maca in there.

Next thing. What’s going in next? Bee pollen.

So this is brain stuff. Maca is a brain food. Bee pollen is a brain food. We want to get the stuff that can really activate this thing, so when we’re hanging out with Jim Kwik, and we’re going, MOM, remember?

Motivation – you’ve gotta be motivated to learn something. You’ve gotta have a reason to learn it.

“O” – what’s that? Remember?

“Observation.” You’ve gotta have observation. You’ve gotta be present and actually right there. Right? When you’re meeting someone and your mind is off somewhere else, then you go, “What was that person’s name again?” You’re not into O.

So you need to have motivation, and you have to actually be present – observation.

And the third one is you have to have the mechanics of learning. Mechanics of Learning – you have to have a good system.

For example, if I’m wanting to learn something for a long period of time, I’ll connect it to something that I like that’s interesting to me, that’s a picture in my mind.

Bee pollen, for example. When I think about bee pollen, I think about my first experience with bee pollen which was a book by a guy who claimed he was going to live 3,000 years on bee pollen. That’s in my head. That’s how I remember about bee pollen. 

That’s how I remember that bee pollen contains all the amino acids. That’s how I remember that bee pollen is a brain food, because it was in that book.

So you connect it to something you’re interested in, that you understand, that you know, that’s emotional. That’s a mechanic.

That’s MOM. It’s the mechanics of learning.

So we’re going to put all that bee pollen in there.

What’s next?



For years, this was my main superfood, like in college, because I didn’t really know anything about what would be better to have in a test. So I would just have honey, and I’d be sipping on the honey through the whole test. That was my main thing. Glucose – honey. Honey can improve the IQ of children by as much as 10 points.

That’s shocking!

You’d think that would be on the news. You’d think anything important would be on the news, but it’s not. It’s all some made-up BS that doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

Okay, here we go. BAM. More of the honey drinking trick? Duh-duh-nuh-duh-duh. Mmmm…

Next one. We’ve gotta get those omega-3s in. ALA. There are three essential omega-3s, very important, very big. This is like a critical piece for brain health, for neurological health.

I’ve touched on it already. I want to repeat it. It’s so important when you repeat stuff. If you repeat things, it’s easier to remember them. If we go over the basics over and over again, it’s better. The best coaches in the world go over the basics over and over and over and over again.

You don’t need any fancy-schmantzy. All you need is the basics, but you need to understand them and implement them. What I find is that if we keep going over the basics, at some point you go, “Oh, I’m going to actually do this.”


It’s human nature. If we come in here, it’s brand new to us, but if we keep hitting the same stuff… If I keep talking about goji berries over and over again, and then John Gray’s talking about goji berries over and over again, and then Len Foley comes up here, and he’s going, “My God! We’re going goji berries.” And it just keeps coming in here over and over again. Finally, you go, “Maybe I should plant these goji berries.”

Okay, so we’re going to get the ALA from the hemp seed, plus the protein with the edestin, the globular protein. It’s the great albumin builder. You have a super transporter in your blood called albumin, and the best thing to produce more albumin is edestin. It’s from hemp seed.

And this is another thing, too, about hemp seed is that it’s got CBD. In small amounts, but it’s there. It’s present in the whole hemp plant, and it’s present in the whole Cannabis plant. And guess what? Winning! We’re winning! All the propaganda, all the BS.

Let me phrase it up for you. Let’s get it going here. All the propaganda – remember the propaganda – you smoke dope, and it kills brain cells. Actually, it turns out that Cannabis repairs brain cells.

Remember Michael Phelps? Remember what my mom said about Michael Phelps? “He’s smoking dope, David. He’s… I can’t believe what an idiot. What a moron.”

All the judgment that we levied against this plant, and what happens? All of a sudden CBD. What’s CBD?

It’s the most neuroprotective chemical in the history of the world.

What does it do?

It stops seizures in children.

I don’t know about you, but after all that judgment, all that hate, all the DEA wars, all the War on Drugs, this plant turns around and goes, “Oh, look at this.”

Here’s the most powerful seizure protection medication ever discovered in the history of the world. I call that L-O-V-E. That’s called love.

Just imagine. When we get control of our government… When we seize control. Right? On one hand, we get a story of, “We’re going to label GMOs.” And you can find those videos there.

And on the other hand, we get people who are running Monsanto put into the government by our president. This is what goes on. It’s complete lies. Every single thing that any politician ever says on both sides – we can’t just pick out one person – it’s all lies.

So at some point we seize back control of our government, here’s what we’re going to do. Because of all the pollution we’ve dumped into the environment, CBD will be put into every food.

It will be put into every breakfast cereal. It will be put into every milk product, from almond milk to coconut milk to rice milk and everything else. It will be put into, added into every single mainstream snack product that you can find – corn chips, potato chips, any kind of sweet potato books. It will be added in. It will be sprayed on it. That’s where it’s going.

When you’re incarnated into this realm, whatever this place is (the older I get the more and more bizarre this place is), you get you, you get a dog or a cat (a pet, an animal), and you get a pet plant (like a canine plant or a Cannabis plant). And then that plant, the hemp plant, will teach you what you need to know, depending on what your level of consciousness is. It adapts to your level of consciousness.

So when we need to protect ourselves from all the chemicals we’ve dumped into the environment that are destroying us, causing dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, the hemp plant will rise to the occasion and will deliver the medicine that is needed to protect us in that situation.

When we decide we want homes that are safe and non-toxic and don’t produce black mold, then we will produce those homes out of hempcrete and hemp cob.

Really, I want you to dig into this, because we fix things in a surface way because that’s how we’re educated. But if we really go deeper, we realize that, actually, just the understanding of even one plant as powerful as this can give us a great understanding about what our future could be: A completely non-toxic future where we pull all the carbon out of the atmosphere with the hemp that’s growing at the airport.

Hemp – jet fuel. Instead of those stupid peanuts they give you on the flight, you get hemp seeds.

You know those cushions you sit on in the chair and everything? They’re some kind of synthetic nylon garbage that’s out-gassing God knows what kind of pesticides? Hemp textiles. It’s a hemp seat. Right?

Bang! Airlines. Instead of those latest terabyte, gigahertz scanners – the latest scam. You know why they give you the option to opt out is so you can’t file a class action lawsuit later. Always opt out. Please! Always opt out. That stuff can cause skin cancer. That’s what happens. Those things that go kuh-kuh-ka-kuh-kuh.

Who controls that? Halliburton Corporation. Who are they?

You need to look into it. Right? It’s like a Nazi thing. And it does cause skin cancer. So you always opt out.

People are always like, “Well, I don’t want to be searched.”

Just get a free massage. It’s not a big deal. I’ve never been through one of those machines. I fly every week. It’s the best ever. You’re like, “I’m opting out.”

So now I get out of this thing, the metal detector, and that thing, and I slip between both of them. And all of a sudden they’re like, “Would you like a private search.”

I’m like, “No. I’m good right here. Yeah, go for it.”

And they search me, blah, blah, blah. And I’m out of there in like two minutes, and I didn’t get any radiation.

So everybody who is into the whole doom-and-gloom report goes, “Oh, my God! It’s getting worse. Oh, my God! This is the worst ever!”

Actually, it’s also the best ever. It just depends on what your choices are. Now, we can get out of all of it. Isn’t that the best ever? You’ve gotta opt out.

I’m amazed. People just line up, and they’ll just go through it. Oh, my God! People do not opt out of that thing ever, unless you’re in the San Francisco Airport, Terminal 2, where they have an entire organic wing at the airport. That is… It’s incredible. Terminal 2 at the San Francisco airport, it’s all organic.

People are like, “Well, we’re not going to be able to save our world.”

Well, Terminal 2 got saved.

Spirulina. These algaes do contain a little bit of DHA. So that’s that other one.

So it’s ALA (the hemp seed), then DHA – that’s key. It comes from a marine environment. AFA blue-green algae actually has quite a bit of DHA in it. It’s about 7% dry matter weight. Marine phytoplankton is about 10% dry matter weight of DHA. This is where the fish oil, krill oil, algae oil (whichever one you want) comes in. And then the third one is EPA.

Out of the three, one comes from land. I like hemp seed. It’s the best source of that one. And then the other two come from marine sources. They come from water, and that’s that aquatic thing about us. Something is aquatic about us, that thing that we share in common with dolphins and whales.

So we’ll put that in there. Are we ready for this? Who’s ready to get their brain on?

Here we go: Coconut water. BAM! In there. Put the extractor blades on.

Who’s ready to give up their addiction to complaining?


Because we’ve got the best ever coming right at you. Here’s how it works. It goes on there…Here we go, ready? This smells great.


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  1. Barbara Royce

    I have never been through airport scanner either. I always opt out. Get the pat down right there hoping others will think about what they are doing. Remember that Hillary Clinton was very pro Monsanto and did not see problem with GM foods. Monsanto executives have been filtering into our government for years. So the blame goes to Obama administration. I hope with political outsider as president we can truly get rid of lobbyists and get our country back.

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