David Wolfe’s Mocha Dream

In this video/audio clip, David “Avocado” Wolfe describes how to make a delectable chocolate drink with Longevity Warehouse® Superfood Hot Cocoa, Food for the Immortals® Longevity Coffee®, and a few other vital additions.

As he mixes things up, he shares with us the importance of balancing superfood drinks with that important something in the middle, and he tantalizes the guys in his audience with the powerful secrets of cacao butter.

Transcript of David Wolfe’s Mocha Dream

We’ve got some different ingredients out here. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to actually use Longevity Coffee® as a base. You could also choose Chaga tea. You could use Reishi tea. You could use Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. You could use water. You could choose vanilla tea. You can use whatever your favorite thing is that goes with chocolate.

All right, so we’re gonna figure out what we’re gonna do here.

We’ve got our little Superfood Hot Cocoa. This is basically our raw cacao powder mixed with Lucuma, tocotrienols, inulin. So it’s got all the low-glycemic or no-glycemic sweeteners already in it, but they are also emulsifiers. They’re kind of a bulking agent. And if you add a little bit of honey, which I like to do, it’ll take the honey and mix it in with the oils. That’s what an emulsifier does, so it bridges that gap so that the middle of this drink isn’t hollow.

A lot of times people make a drink, and it’s so top-heavy. Truth Calkins back in the old Erewhon days, I used to go there before going to LAX, and he would make a drink that had 24 herbs in it. That’s it. It was totally hollow through the middle, so I’m getting halfway to the airport, and I’m hallucinating. I have so many herbs going through my veins, I had to pull over and stop drinking that.

That’s too top heavy. It’s too herbal. It’s not balanced. You’ve got to have a balance with something in the middle that fills the empty space that has a little bit of calories, like an emulsifier, tocotrienols, inulin, or, in this case, Lucuma. Actually, in this case it’s all three of those. They’ll already built into this cocoa mix.

So that’s what we’re going to start with. You could do that all at home. That’s how we did it for years. We had the raw cacao powder out there. We had the Lucuma out there. We had the inulin out there. We had the tocotrienols out there. We’d just spoon, spoon, spoon, and then Len Foley had the bright idea of putting it all in one thing.

I said, “That’s a great idea, Len, let’s do it.”

So, back to our drink. We’ll throw a couple of scoops of Longevity Coffee® in here, because we’re going for a mocha here.

If you’re gonna do a coffee, I really recommend you do a mocha because mochas are the best ever. I’m not really into coffee, but I am into chocolate.

Who’s with me on that? All right.

Can you all see this? There we go, we’ve got this up here. I think I’ve got one to two scoops going in. So, we’re going to do one…let’s do three…two…go big or go home…three. Bam! We did it.

In the middle of this, to kind of fill that middle space so it’s not hollow, I would sometimes use a dollop of almond butter, or you could take coconut oil. Especially if you know where that almond butter’s going.

Does anybody know what I’m talking about? Has anybody gotten halfway through the jar of almond butter, and you’re like, “Oh, my God! What have I done?”

First of all, it’s like $25 for a jar of almond butter these days. Second of all, it’s like, uh-oh, when you get to that point.

So you want to have something in the middle. In this case, because we’re going with heavy chocolate, Colleen did a great job melting some cacao butter.** This is raw chocolate oil, or raw cocoa butter. This is the thing that was originally in Coppertone sunscreen lotion back in the ‘70s, until they took it out and changed it to cheap glycerin and cheap garbage—hydrogenated cottonseed oil and all that stuff.

This is the thing that is actually the real noble essence of chocolate. It’s its oil, and it smells really good right now. I just got a good whiff of it.

Guys! How many guys have we got in the room? OK.

So, gals, you’re going to have to cover your ears for a second. Can we do that?

Somebody tried to fake me. They were like….

Guys, let me just make your job really easy. Your gal comes home, and you get out the cacao butter.** The coconut oil was great. The cacao butter is beyond, way beyond that.

You just take a little bit of this. It can be melted or still kind of hard like a lipstick.

When you put it on, it goes right on. That’s what actually was originally in lipstick. That was what was in all of our body care products originally, was chocolate oil. And then you just start rubbing it on yourself like this, and you say, “Here, honey, smell that.”

She’ll go like this {sniff}, and then you rub it over here…and say, “Here, smell that.”

And she’ll go {sniff}, and then you go up to here…

Now, you’re going to have to figure the rest out on that. If you can’t figure that out, there are only so many hints we can give you.

So, we’re putting that in our drink. We’re going to serious chocolate here.

By the way, raw cacao butter**, if you’re making tea at home or you have friends over that you’re entertaining, if you just take a little bit of raw cacao butter and you put it into a hot tea and let it melt into it and quickly stir it in and serve it that way, no one will know what it is, but they’ll know what it is.

They’ll taste your tea and say, “This is incredible! What is going on?”

Right? If you think Chaga tea just doesn’t quite have the taste for you, or Reishi tea or Gynostemma tea or Spring Dragon Longevity Tea or green tea, or whatever it is, you don’t have to add a sweetener. All you have to do is add a little tiny bit of cacao butter at the top into a hot liquid.** It will melt, and then you quickly stir it in with one of those little spoons. Then you bring it out and serve it, and everyone will say, “This is… What is…? Oh, my God!”

OK. Now, we’ve got the basis for a mocha. We’ve got our cacao butter.** Those two pieces are really important. And then we’ve got our low-glycemic sweeteners and emulsifiers, the inulin, the tocotrienols, the Lucuma that’s all built into the mix.

And then, we have to get to vanilla. So, vanilla is also somewhat sweet. It’s not sugary, obviously, but it’s somewhat sweet.

So, powdered vanilla, boom! We’re gonna put in a half a teaspoon, half a tablespoon, depending on how much you want to put in. You’ve gotta be careful, because if you go crazy on vanilla…that’s our stuff right there…

Anyway, you have to be careful with vanilla because if you use too much vanilla, it can throw the flavor. Vanilla is a very strong flavor, and it’s gotta be just right.

OK. What else?

We’ve got in here our Icelandic sea salt. This is my favorite sea salt. I’m a sea salt fanatic. I’m a sea salt hunter. That’s one of the things I like to do is hunt sea salts anywhere I’m at in the world. When I’m on the north shore of Kauai and we’re on the Nepali coast, I’m there on the cliffs picking the salt stalagmites off the cliff and knocking them off into little containers and then bringing that home. That’s how much into salt I am.

People are like, “What? You’re doing what?”

Traveling around the world, eventually I’m at the Arctic Circle. We landed at a place called Reykjanesbaer, where they produce this salt. It’s 100% green. There is no electricity from anything but geothermal. It’s all geothermally dried, and it comes from the Arctic Circle. There’s no shipping. There’s no anything. It’s just the Arctic Sea.

That’s one of the reasons why I like it so much, because the purity factor is very high.

Plus, it’s entirely green, because Iceland is 100% green.

So, we’re going to use the right amount of sea salt. I’m going to use about that much.

Now, when you have a stimulant like chocolate, or you have a stimulant like coffee, you need anti-stimulants.

Whoa! Like what?

If you have a stimulant…just basic herbalism…you need an anti-stimulant. Any herbalist, going back ten thousand years, automatically knows that. It’s intuitive. Because we live in civilizations we’ve been separated from growing stuff, we don’t have that automatic knowledge.

For example, in Central America, chocolate, the anti-stimulant that was always put in chocolate, even before vanilla, its thousands of years older than vanilla as an additive is Mucuna.

**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador. To read more, click here.

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