David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden – Part 2

David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden – Part 2

Check out this exclusive Q and A interview with lecturer, author of the ‘The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs’, and featured speaker at the upcoming Longevity Now® Conference, Ron Teeguarden, and discover:

  • How the adrenals are your ‘stress buffer’ and the crucial role they play in responding to the stresses in your environment .
  • How to ‘reboot’ your adrenals and reclaim the energy source that is vital for health and longevity.
  • Key lifestyle practices that will nourish and strengthen your adrenals to maintain consistent energy levels and keep you going strong well into your 100’s!!
  • The secret tonic herbs that will bring your adrenals back to life and restore your core energy (jing) reserves.



The Longevity Now® Conference – April 2015

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  1. Joanne Warfield

    Really valuable information. In this day of environmental stress we all need these incredible herbs to help us sustain our vitality. Thank you Ron and David.

  2. Mary Wright

    Hi, thanks for this, I am really struggling at the mo, I live in the UK, and I have been fighting CFS for 5 years now, I have changed my diet dramatically with help from you and others like you, but I STILL struggle every day to get up from this slump in my health, I am SO very tired all of the time, I am going to give some of these herbs a try, and hope it lifts this cloud.
    Thanks again for the info, much love

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