Are You Throwing Away $1000 a Year?

Are You Throwing Away $1000 a Year?

Check out this exclusive interview with superfood expert, author, lecturer, and host of the Women’s Wellness Conference™ #4, David Wolfe, and discover:

  • The #1 technology that keeps valuable produce fresh and vibrant inside your refrigerator.
  • How to create an oxygen-rich environment that keeps harmful mold and bacteria away from your food.
  • An essential upgrade from the ‘box of baking soda’ sitting in your refrigerator to this game changing device.

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Transcript of Are You Throwing Away $1000 a Year?

Lucien: Welcome everyone. This is your host, Lucien Gauthier, and I am here with David “Avocado” Wolfe.

We’re here today to talk about a pretty common phenomenon, which is spending your hard-earned money on fresh organic produce, putting it in your refrigerator, and then watching as it slowly wilts and goes bad before you get a chance to eat it.

So, Dave, we’re here today to talk about this amazing new technology with a special device that’s able to bring that whole process to a grinding halt.


David: After using these types of devices, which I started using sixteen years ago, you can’t go back to the old way. The old way is to have a fridge with a lot of bacteria, and definitely a lot of mold in it. It gets up in the coils. It’s in the corners of the fridge. Definitely, if you don’t clean your fridge completely and sterilize it each year, you’re going to have pretty bad mold buildup.

Now, this BerryBreeze® is cutting-edge, leading technology, finally. I mean, some of the machines I had in the old days were really poorly made. This device is well made, and it changes your whole fridge.

It takes the oxygen in your fridge and converts it to ozone, which has an electric charge on it which zaps the mold and the bacteria, whether you can see it or not. And that’s an important thing about your fridge. There’s a lot of mold in your fridge that you’re not seeing. It’s microscopic. I mean, it wasn’t even known until the last four hundred years that there can be organisms growing and actually taking over pieces of bread, pieces of food, but you don’t see it until it gets to that final stage.


Lucien: David, I think a lot of people put their food in the refrigerator and expect it to last a really long time because of that cold environment. In reality, people have access to so many different types of food nowadays that most peoples’ refrigerators are packed full of stuff, making it a ripe environment for lots and lots of different microscopic organisms, bacteria, mold spores to exist.


David: I’ve been referencing the microscopic nature of these organisms and using a microscope. What the microscope indicates is that in your fridge, under the best situation without a device that’s actively killing bacteria and mold, your food is going to break down. It just breaks down slower because it’s colder, but it’s still breaking down.

In order to stop it and really preserve your food and make sure it stays fresh, you need an oxygen-rich, in fact an ozone-rich environment. That’s why we recommend putting the BerryBreeze® on the top shelf of your refrigerator. Just like what happens in the atmosphere, the oxygen rises up, the radiation turns it into ozone in the upper atmosphere, and it drops back down and purifies the atmosphere of your refrigerator. So, you don’t have to think about it. It’s just a game changer.

I have to tell you a story. I actually had a bad leak under my sink, and I had to replace the whole sink fixture to fix it. I found all this mold under the sink, and I scrubbed it all out. I thought, You know what? Let me just get the BerryBreeze® out of my fridge and put it under the sink.

I did that for twenty-four hours, and it killed off all the mold. Everything was completely fine. It was like the sink was brand new, and underneath the sink was brand new because ozone purifies. It’s an incredibly important technology to keep your food fresh longer and to keep your refrigerator a happy environment.


Lucien: And David, at the Women’s Wellness Conference that we just concluded a few weeks ago, you had ozone therapy as one of your primary detox protocols and you recommended some books that were really relevant to that topic. You really recommended that people look into that as a modality of healing and detox.

Let’s talk about ozone as a modality. How does it work? What are its benefits? How does it apply here?


David: Ozone is a reactive oxygen. It’s an O3, or more. It can be an O4 or O5. So it’s O2 with some reactive oxygen molecules stuck onto it electrically. Therefore, it’s able to oxidize organisms that are anaerobic, organisms that don’t breathe oxygen. Oxygen hurts organisms like Listeria.

Listeria gets into refrigerators from milk, from cheese, from ice cream, from vegetables, from raw and cooked poultry, all different kinds of ways. Yet, it’s instantly oxidized by ozone; Camphylobacter, Yersinia, Aeromonas, all types of anaerobic organisms. The ozone just fries them instantly.

This is like what goes on in our bodies. If we accumulate a lot of organisms that are anaerobic, we have digestive trouble. That’s what these dysbiotic organisms are, they’re anaerobic organisms. And we know that even cancer cells are anaerobic. They don’t breathe oxygen. They ferment glucose in order to produce energy. They’re anaerobic organisms. Therefore, if we can get more oxygen in our bodies, that’s the whole idea of Yoga, then we can be healthier. If we get more oxygen around us, specifically in closed, tight environments that don’t have very good airflow, like a refrigerator, we can keep the environment pure.

Once you start using an ozonator like BerryBreeze® in your fridge, it’s self-evident. It becomes obvious how important, how powerful it is to not only save you money, because you’re not going to be throwing food away, but to keep your fridge smelling fresh. Otherwise, you’re going to get those unwanted odors, tastes are going to go off because of the anaerobic bacteria and mold.


Lucien: Dave, I remember one of the very first interviews I did with you we did it on why you should get rid of your refrigerator. You didn’t have one at the time. You used it as dry storage for your herbs.


David: We actually lived without a fridge for years. That was really wonderful, but that was really trouble when people came over. They didn’t know how to react. They didn’t know what to do. It was really funny. We would sit there and watch, and someone would walk into the kitchen looking around trying to figure out what was going on since we had no fridge.

So, because of all the guests that I have, a lot of friends of mine come over and we work together on the computers and things like that on long weekends, we had to get a fridge. What I did when I got that fridge was that I had to go back to my old ozonators from sixteen years ago and rebuild them and slap them together, this piece from that machine, that piece from the other machine, and just put it together, try to get something that worked. It was really quite a nightmare I have to say.

I did get some working models up and going, but they’d always break down. When BerryBreeze® came along, it just took care of that problem. I never even thought about it again. I took all my reusable and recyclable batteries, and that’s what I use for my BerryBreeze®. So, every three months when those batteries run out, or four months, I just recharge them for twenty hours and put them right back in there and the whole thing is ready to rock again.


Lucien: That’s such a great point. It’s so easy to travel with. It’s so easy to use. You just stick it in the top of your fridge. It’s like the technological upgrade of what our parents used to do, which is to stick the baking soda in the refrigerator.


David: It’s easy to see that it’s working too. That was a major problem with these other devices I had years ago. You couldn’t tell. I had to hold it to my nose to see if it was actually releasing ozone gas. This is so much easier, because when the green light is on you know it’s working. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s easy to see in your fridge.

Actually, you don’t even have to see it when the batteries run out. You smell it. You’ll say, “Oh, OK, this is what this fridge used to smell like when it had no ozonator in there.”

As soon as you get the BerryBreeze® in there, it takes away all the odors, all the mold, all the bacteria. It keeps your food fresh. Without that, you’re really dealing with a microbiological soup in your fridge, which is not the best ever.


Lucien: All right. Awesome. Just before we wrap up this interview, we are right on top of Thanksgiving here. Just from a human interest perspective, I know there are a lot of people out there who are curious about what David Wolfe eats for Thanksgiving. So let’s finish the interview by letting people know what you’re going to be doing tomorrow.


David: For many years, actually about ten years, I fasted on Thanksgiving. I did that for a long part of my life. Then, travelling around I’d be at someone’s house and they’d be having a big Thanksgiving dinner. It was almost always like a raw dinner/vegetarian thing, so that’s what I do now.

It’s just like a normal day for me. I might fast. You never know. If I wake up in the morning, and I feel like I need to fast I’m gonna fast. But most likely it’ll just be a normal day for me, which will be one superfood, superhero level smoothie or nutriblast. I had a great one this morning made by a 10-year- old. That was really great. And I’ll have some broccoli, we got some broccoli today. We got mushrooms today, so we’re going to make a little mushroom dish. It won’t be too complicated, something like that.


Lucien: All right! So click on the link below, check out the BerryBreeze® that we’ve got going on with the special sales for this Thanksgiving holiday. We’ve got some great, great deals available at Longevity Warehouse. Check out the banners below to see the different deals we’ve got going on, and have the best holidays ever.


David: Thanks so much, Lucien. Have the best day ever!



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