Restore Your Adrenals in One Simple Step

Transcript of “Restore Your Adrenals in One Simple Step”

Adrenal stress is a major factor in productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Adrenal disorders are on the rise. We’ve seen more adrenal fatigue in the last 10 years than probably ever before in human history. We live in a time where we have about 50 stress events happen a day, according to my friend, Dr. Lissa Rankin.

We’ve got to fortify and help our body deal with that and then we’ve got to put a little bit in the bank account, in order to have something for the future.

So we’ve got to deal with what is happening today. We’ve got to deal with what was happening in the past, and then we’ve got to still have enough to put in the bank account, or the treasure chest, to take us into the future, and that is where the tonic herbs come in. That’s where the great Jing herbs come in.

So this concept of ‘Jing’ has to do with our kidney and adrenal strength. It has to do with our primordial life-force essence. It’s that thing that comes alive in the 15th round of a boxing match. Right? That’s Muhammed Ali in the 15th round. It’s not the 1st round. It’s not the first 5 minutes in the gym. It’s the last 5 minutes after a 2-hour workout. That’s where you find out what you’re made of and that is what we call ‘Jing’.

There are millions of us that have been completely exhausted and have nothing in the ‘Jing Bank Account’ and that is why we are talking about these two great formulations right here.

We are going to start first with rehmannia.

Now organic rehmannia has been something that I have been looking to source for years and years and years. Finally we have it.

This is organic rehmannia, known as the ‘kidney’s own food’. It’s a root and when that root is pulled from the ground it is so strong and it is so powerful, it’s not a tonic herb. So they cook it down with yellow organic wine and black beans, organic of course, in order to kind of make it a more of a tonic herb to give it a more tonic effect, and then they sun-dry it. That’s what we have right here and you can see that it’s kind of gooey and spongey and just a wonderful addition to any herbal tea mix.

It’s a black Jing substance. So, if you’ve been playing attention to ‘The Color Cure Series’, this is an important one in the makeup of Jing substances.

The content of this is actually really interesting. Instead of it being flavenoids like blueberries or instead of it containing color pigments like carotenoids, like what you’d find in vegetables or tomatoes, here we find iridoids.

Now iridoids are what’s found in Noni. Iridoids are found in olive leaf and in olives. Same thing going on here. Very interesting age-preventing effects and that is why we want to have that rehmannia in our lifestyle, in our diet, and in our tea.

It makes a wonderful tea. It’s a delicious tea. But what it’s really doing is it’s working to support the Kidney Adrenal Jing. So we can fight the stress off, make up for deficits that have happened in the past, of course, deal with what’s happening in the moment, and then put something in the bank account for the future.

This key ingredient, this key herb, is in The Best Adrenal Tea Ever formulation and this is the product of a traditional recipe which is rehmannia, goji berry, and then licorice at the bottom. That’s a traditional Jing-supporting, adrenal-supporting formula, in Chinese medicine.

Then on top of that we’ve got the Shipibo tea. It’s a combination of pau d’arco and cat’s claw, which are amazonian herbs and they are more immunological. So we are getting more of that essence and that deep Jing. That’s what the goji berries are doing – driving that rehmannia in. That’s what the licorice is doing – driving that rehmannia in.

But then what’s happening in a lot of cases of adrenal fatigue? People have been fighting long-term infections and that’s why they are adrenally exhausted so that’s where the pau d’arco and cat’s claw come in in this formulation.

Now I’ve put one more ingredient out here and it’s a very important Jing substance. It’s so important. It’s so obvious that it can be missed and that’s sea salt. Water and sea salt is required for hydration.

If you are under stress, more important than anything is to stay hydrated. The way you do that is you gotta have the right liquid. Maybe it’s water, spring water. Maybe it’s tea. You could do these tea formulations and then you’ve gotta have some sea salt in there in order to hold that moisture on your body. Otherwise you can become dehydrated by drinking too much water or too much tea.

So the right amount of sea salt; get all those trace minerals; support the adrenals; support the kidneys; and at the same time get those herbs in, so we do a tea; a couple pinches of the sea salt go in, and we’re ready for action.

That’s the update on how to nourish and support Jing using rehmannia and other related herbs.

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    I have had one adrenal gland removed due to cancer. Can I benefit from this? I have no energy, no drive. Is that because of losing one adrenal gland?

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    I have been avoiding rehmannia since it often contains gluten. Otherwise it has always sounded like a herb I need to try. I tried to go to view the rehmannia you guys sell here online, but the link seems to be broken right now. I wound love to know if this rehmannia is processed differently and without gluten. Thanks!

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