#1 Thing I Do For My Health (I Love This!)

In this excerpt from The Longevity Now® Conference #14, David Wolfe shares his latest strategy for detoxification and living 95% longer, as well as the key points of the #1 longevity study performed to date.

David Wolfe: This ability to get more time is possible if we eat right. We know that. Like olive oil – 18% increase in lifespan for people who eat olive oil. Olive oil is probably #2 longevity food; #1 is chocolate**, according to the research.

That’s great! We’ve got more time. Even an extra year is a lot of time. Right?

If you could get an extra year with your grandkids, I’m sure you would take it. Wouldn’t you? Would you? You bet. Even an extra minute is worth it, but a year? But 25 years??

So I was like charcoal.

So then a big moment came, and it’s a moment that will reverberate for you forever. This is one of the key points of this conference. I started digging into the longevity research on activated charcoal.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

What we are told on TV at night, like on the news, you’d think this would be front page news. You’d think that people would be swinging from the rafters.

I’m talking about activated charcoal you get in the health food store. I’m talking about activated charcoal that you bought because you had a little stomach bug. You took five of them, and it’s still sitting in your cupboard three years later.

Who’s got activated charcoal in their cupboard right now? Look at that. Look at that.

Charcoal, like from coconut husks and hardwoods, an ancient medicine that – ready for it – has been available to every human being. It’s universal.

You see what I’m saying here? So I start reading the books.

I was doing a talk in British Columbia on my birthday, just for fun. Because that’s what I do for fun. Some hecklers are over here. Remember that? Some hecklers are over here screaming and yelling and jumping up and down. A fight breaks out.


And some guy goes – I’m still talking about charcoal and its power to increase longevity – “Where’s your research?”

It’s not like I’m doing a presentation like this, with Christopher back there and audiovisual and the whole team. I’m just there for fun. But I will not be found without my research ever again right on me.

Mice given charcoal, even when they’re 24 months old…Mice given charcoal…

By the way, this book is called Charcoal. It’s by two M.D.s, just so I don’t get the hecklers and the science tyrants, the people who are stuck and go, “Science is this, and that’s all it will ever be.”

Right? Those stuck people – just so I don’t get them attacking me.

Start the mice at 24 months. Mice only live 2-½ years, maybe 3 years.


Start them at 24 months, already 2 years old. Start them on activated charcoal. I’m talking about the stuff – yes – the stuff you get at a health food store.

Increase of lifespan by 43%.

What does that mean?

It means if you’re going to get to 100…143… Does that sound good to you? Would you be happy with that? I would.

It is common in mice research with charcoal for the life of a mouse to be extended by 21%, 31%, 34%, even as high as 43% from activated charcoal.

Now, we just bring it back to this. What do we hear about activated charcoal?

Oh, if you have a stomach bug it just locks it up immediately. Right? And it will neutralize that upset stomach immediately.

If you have gas – here are a few women out there, I see it, going, “I’m bringing this for my husband. This is going to work.” It stops it.

You’re poisoned by a mushroom. You’re poisoned by a snake. You’re poisoned by a scorpion. You’re poisoned by a mosquito bite.

If you don’t have an allergic reaction to mosquitos, but when you get bit by a mosquito you’re like, “Oh, God.” You know what I’m talking about? That thing?

Open up an activated charcoal pill and put it on there with a little bit of water, and within seconds that mosquito bite is done. In seconds. Unless you’re allergic to mosquitoes. Then it will take maybe an hour or two, but it will neutralize it.

If you’re allergic to bee stings, a little bit of water and activated charcoal right on the bee sting, and it will neutralize it. For me, I’m on a bee farm so I’m getting stung all the time, every day. Sometimes every single day I get stung by bees. Luckily, I don’t get an anaphylactic shock reaction.

But if you do, what do you do? Charcoal.

What is the first line of defense for poisoning/toxicology?


You OD’d on medication or someone you know OD’d on medication.

What do you do?

Activated charcoal.

When I started getting into the activated charcoal daily, everything changed. My whole life changed. Not just when you’re sick. Not just when you have a stomach bug. Daily, as a regular practice.

Now, I have a hearty constitution. I can digest nails. Because of that, I can take activated charcoal every day because activated charcoal is a hardwood charcoal or coconut shell charcoal that has essentially been blasted with hot steam to make it more porous and to get some of the volatile organic molecules out of there, so it’s more effective.

This is, to me, at this point…So I’ve been doing this since June of last year. At this point, where I’m at with my understanding about this is, now I understand how toxic we are. Now I know what we’re dealing with.

As soon as you start sponging your body with charcoal, then you go, “Oh, man” because it sponges the crap out, and it comes out.

**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador. To read more, click here.

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