#1 Longevity Drink I Have Every Day

#1 Longevity Drink I Have Every Day Transcription

You’ve seen coal. Who’s seen coal? You’ve seen charcoal. You’ve seen it. So, you’ve seen it has these layers in it, like graphite layers. That’s how most carbon is. It’s in sheets like that. And that was believed to be how all carbon is.

Viktor Schauberger disagreed. He said that in some situations the carbon can wrap itself around, and if it has a gas in there, like hydrogen, it will go up like a balloon, or levitate. Levitational carbon, or he called it carbone.

Viktor Schauberger, the great water wizard. He was the guy who basically discovered that the vortex is the fundamental structure of formative energy, of formative matter. If you’re going to create something from nothing, then the vortex is required. If you’re going to destroy things, then you’ll explode them and they’ll go out in a straight line.

So things that spiral in or spiral out are formative, healthy, good, or ectropic, organizational. Versus entropy, which is like, we explode things to produce energy. Right? We explode coal. We explode nuclear. We explode fuel in order to create energy. But the question is, how did that energy get into that substance in the first place?

And what Viktor Schauberger describes is that the vortexing patterns of plants and trees, and that eventually the great forest of ferns that got turned into coal that we’re burning today, it was really the vortex action that developed those trees.

You see that every day. You look at a tree and you go, “Oh, it’s got a vortex in it.” You can see that spiral pattern.

This is going to be important, because I’m a student of David Hawkins and his work on the discovery of the presence of God. Remember Nietzsche, 100 years ago, said, “God is dead.”

That makes sense. Everything’s just an accident. Everything is meaningless. That makes sense, right? That makes you feel great, doesn’t it?

I long ago realized that it’s not like what is really like true, because we never know that truth, but if we tune into what makes us feel good, then that’s probably closer into alignment with truth than what makes us feel awful. Right?

So, does meaninglessness make you feel great?

How about you guys over here? “Oh, everything is meaningless. That makes me feel great.”

So it’s probably not in alignment with truth. But if it makes you feel empowered, if something makes you feel strong and amazing, like your life has meaning, then you are actually in alignment with truth. You see that?

A long time ago I realized I need to get out of belief systems. Because we’re fed a meaningless belief system. Everything is meaningless. You’re meaningless. We’re an accident. Big Bang, suddenly you showed up. It’s all an accident. Right? That’s the meaninglessness religion that we’re fed.

Is that in alignment with truth?

So David Hawkins comes along, and he says, Look, to be in alignment with truth, you have to feel like it empowers you. Your beliefs have to empower you. If your belief is not empowering you, it’s not in alignment with truth.

Here’s another thing he says. He says, If something is true and it’s in alignment with truth, then it must be available to everybody. It must be universal.

Check out this path, this meandering river of information. Sir Harry Kroto comes up with this. He elucidates the entire chemistry of it. He wins the Nobel Prize. All these scientists, thousands of scientists around the world go, “Whoa! There’s a whole new carbon chemistry.”

Now they’re all focusing on this. Dr. Fathi Moussa goes, “I’m going to do a toxicology study on mice.”

He’s doing a toxicology study on mice to see if the C60 is toxic in mice in different forms. Mixed with olive oil, for example. See if that would have any effect.

He accidentally stumbles into the greatest longevity study in the history of animal research. Actually, I’m not a big fan of animal research because of this nonsense that goes on. Nevertheless, thank God we can learn from this. They had to kill the last mouse because he was living too long, and they needed to publish the study.

Ninety-five percent increase in lifespan.

Let me just lay this out for you here. This is so critical. This is one of the most critical themes of this whole weekend. It’s such a shocking discovery. It shocked me, but man, I took action immediately on this. And I hope you do, too.

How much? 1500 mg. You want to work your way up there, so you start with maybe 500 mg a day, then work your way to 1000 mg, and then 1500 mg. In the morning with water. What do you put in your water? Salt.

So what I’m doing is I’m putting sea salt in my water. This is what I do. I’m putting sea salt in my water. I’m putting charcoal in my water. I’m putting, if you want, a little lemon in your water so it tastes good. Charcoal has no taste. And we’re doing basically an activated charcoal lemonade. And then I’m waiting an hour, two hours. Then you start your day.

But a lot of times, like this morning, I’ll do something else. That is vitamin B3. People ask me every single day, “Does charcoal interfere with nutrients?”

Fifty years of research has failed to prove a connection with charcoal neutralizing any major macronutrient. There was a study published in 1965 that was never replicated. They couldn’t replicate it, so it was probably a poorly done study of charcoal interfering with beta carotene, B1, and maybe one other B vitamin. But later it was found out that that study was probably flawed, because they could never replicate that result.

So for 50 years, they have not found that charcoal interferes with nutrition. That’s a shocker and amazing. Now, we have some other types of nutrition. We’re not just on macronutrients. We’ve got schizandra berries. We’ve got reishi mushrooms, chaga tinctures. Charcoal could interfere with that. We don’t know for sure, but my estimation of it, my look at it, at a strong glance, I’d say take them separately. But certain things, like vitamin B3, because it doesn’t interfere, I take that in the morning. So that’s what I did this morning. I did the charcoal with the water, sea salt, and vitamin B3.

Then once you get to, say 1500 mg of charcoal, you work your way up to 3000 mg, and then eventually 3000 mg twice a day, so once in the morning and once in the evening right before you go to bed.

Activated charcoal is not only the best thing ever going in here… You get what it means, don’t you? You get what I’m saying here? What it means is that detoxification is more important than nutrition for longevity.

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